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Welcome to Heron Building Co – Your Premier Wood Fence Company in Nashville, Franklin, and Brentwood, Tennessee

Heron Building Co is the premier wood fence company in Nashville and Franklin, TN. With over a decade of experience in residential and commercial fence design and installation, we cater to luxury homeowners in Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, Tennessee. Our design-forward approach focuses on premium materials, top-notch craftsmanship, and a five star client experience.

Wood Fence Styles

✓ Privacy Wood Fences

✓ Semi-Privacy Wood Fences

✓ Picket Fences

✓ Cap and Trim Fences

✓ Wood Shadowbox Fences

✓ Horizontal Wood Fences

✓ Split Rail Farm Fences

✓ Post and Wire Wood Fences

✓ Crossbuck Fences

✓ Horse Fences

✓ Wooden Gates

Traditional fences are classic and timeless, offering a range of styles. Here in Middle Tennessee, they are typically made from pressure-treated pine or cedar, which are both durable and appealing. Dog Ear fences feature a classic design, providing a simple and effective solution with minimal detail. Cap and Trim fences include a horizontal cap along the top for added detail and extra moisture protection. Arched fences have boards cut in a curved shape for a decorative finish. Scalloped fences are the opposite of arched and feature a wave-like pattern. Horizontal fences place pickets or boards horizontally for a modern and  contemporary look. Picket fences, with short, evenly spaced boards, provide a quaint, traditional look ideal for front yards and gardens. Split Rail Farm Fences are simple and classic with horizontal rails, embodying the quintessential Tennessee country feel. Semi-Privacy Fences offer some privacy while allowing light and air to pass through, where you want some separation but not complete privacy.

For those looking to upgrade aesthetics, make a statement, or meet specific needs, custom fences offer endless possibilities. Custom designs are often incorporated into more luxury homes in Nashville and can be tailored to your property’s unique style and your personal taste. X Fences feature diagonal cross patterns of various sizes. Hardwood Fences are made from durable woods like teak and ipe and are not only long-lasting but also visually striking and luxurious. Post and Wire fences combine wood posts with various wire options for a rustic look. Vertical or Horizontal Slat Fences offer a sleek, modern design with narrow slats, ideal for urban settings. Architectural Materials provide unique designs using a variety of materials, customizable to match any architectural style. Cable Rail fences incorporate metal cables for a contemporary look, particularly popular for decks, railings, and modern homes.

Wooden Gates 


Gates are not just functional; they can also be a beautiful feature that enhances your fence design and property. Entry Gates serve as the main access points to your property, and can be designed to be grand and welcoming, whether automated or manual, often secured with a welded metal frame. Side Gates provide convenient access to side yards, often smaller dimensions, but designed to blend seamlessly with your fence or have a custom look that complements the design. Double Gates offer wider openings for vehicles or equipment, making them perfect for driveways or large entry points. Estate Gates create grand entrances for larger properties, often integrating with mason walls or pillars, providing a high level of security. Garden Gates offer charming access points to garden areas, sometimes including a trellis above for an extra charming touch.

We could not be happier with the professionalism, quality of workmanship and the service we received from Heron Building Company.

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Wood Fence Design & Installation 

Designing Your Wood Fence

Wood fences are a timeless choice that adds natural beauty and charm to any property. At Heron Building Co, we offer a variety of wood fence options to suit the needs of your Nashville property. From wood privacy fences to decorative designs, our wood fences are crafted with detail and top industry craftsmanship. When designing your wood fence, we consider your personal needs and preferences:

Privacy Needs:  What is the size and orientation of your lot and what is surrounding it? Do you need a fence that provides complete privacy, or are you looking for a semi-private option?

Purpose:  Is your fence for security, keeping dogs or children enclosed, protecting your garden, or purely aesthetic?

Local Codes and HOA Compliance: Ensuring your wood fence design meets local codes and HOA regulations, we also consider additional factors such as property lines, easements, and landscaping, etc.

Gates and Access Points: Planning for gates and access points is crucial to ensure we blend aesthetics with  functionality.



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They are extremely organized and professional. The quality of work is outstanding. On top of great work their customer service is second to none. I highly recommend Heron!

Heron Client

Amazing company! Multi-faceted and thorough. Personable, genuine and efficient. Was never left in the dark and always had clear communication. Will never use anyone else!

Heron Client

Heron has exceptional customer service, great communication and is very efficient. They installed our fence for us and it’s perfect. They help you on deciding what will look best, and take pride in their work. Highly recommend!

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Heron Building went above and beyond to design and build our backyard fence. I am ecstatic to say that Heron Building over delivered on their end every step of the way. We will absolutely be using them in the future for many more backyard projects! Give them your next project ideas and thank me later!!

Heron Client

The team over there at Heron are incredible! They were meticulous and made sure every detail was done properly.

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THE           Process



During your free estimate consultation, we will meet at your property to discuss your needs and vision, answer all your questions, and take measurements to build a detailed wood fence quote.


Design & Installation

Once your quote is approved, we begin HOA approvals, permits, and utility marking for proper preparation and compliance. During installation, our skilled craftsmen ensure that your wood fence is built to the highest standards, using premium materials and best building practices. 



Once installation is complete, its time to take the hangs outside and enjoy your beautiful new wood fence and the beauty it adds to your Nashville property! 


If you’re a homeowner in Middle TN looking to enhance your outdoor space with a wood fence, you’re in the right place. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about choosing, planning, and installing a wood fence in Nashville or Franklin, TN.


Heron Building Co is a 5 star fence company in Williamson County and Davidson County, including Franklin, Nashville, Brentwood, Green Hills, Belle Meade, Thompson's Station, College Grove, Leipers Fork, Arrington, Spring Hill, and beyond. 


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